‘Frightening’ ‘truly terrifying’ for man trapped inside corrugator roof

A man who was trapped inside a corrugators roof for five hours in Utah was “really scary” and “truly scary,” according to his family.

The man, who is from Pennsylvania, had to have his chest strapped down as he waited for rescuers to arrive at the Corrugator Roofing Co. at the Utah State Fairgrounds in Fairview.

The company said Monday that it had been working to secure the roof of the Corruerator building and had secured a private security guard.

Utah’s Bureau of Land Management has said that it is not allowed to operate on the roof because it has not been inspected by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has said the roofing has no FAA certification.

Corruers owners said they believe the roof is safe, and they said they would continue to monitor the situation.

Utah Gov.

Gary Herbert said in a statement Monday that he and the Utah Department of Transportation would continue working with state officials to secure a safe, permanent roof for the Corrurator building.

“We will continue to provide a full and complete accounting of the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident and will provide updates when we are ready,” Herbert said.

Utah State Fair officials said they did not immediately have a comment.

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