Fox Sports: ‘Roof Roof’ to be used as ‘temporary shelter’ in Arizona

A roof is being constructed in Arizona to provide temporary shelter for displaced residents after a storm ripped through the state.

The Arizona Corporation Commission approved the $3 million project in January after more than a year of hearings and hearings in the state, according to the Arizona Republic.

It was first proposed by Arizona’s Department of Public Works.

The project was to be funded through a special fund established by the state in 2016.

The fund was designed to provide funding to the state for public buildings, roads and utilities.

The commission is responsible for approving public works projects.

The new roof will be placed on a large patch of land in Phoenix, which is already under flood control.

A temporary shelter is being built on a hillside overlooking the project site.

The project was approved as a temporary shelter and is expected to be completed by mid-February.

The structure is being funded with a special levy, known as a “surplus fund.”

The fund is expected help to fund the costs of repairing roofs and other infrastructure.

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