ABC News’ ABC News Special Report: The Gobi Roof Rack is the Most Expensive Roof Rack in the World

The ABC News special report “The Gobi” will air on Wednesday, January 6, at 10:00 a.m.


The report focuses on the growing global demand for roofing supplies and features the story of a Gobi roofrack company that is now competing for a billion dollars in government contracts to supply roofing suppliers with roof racks.

In the past five years, the Gobi company has grown from a one-man operation in Mongolia to a multinational company with a global footprint and $10 billion in sales.

In 2014, the company made the news when the government of Mongolia awarded the company contracts worth $50 million in federal funding.

But according to The Associated Press, the contract was not fully awarded and the Gubi company is still struggling to recoup its investment.

The Gubi roofrack is an easy to use, high-quality roof rack that features a removable mesh roof.

The Gubi has a wide range of applications.

Its versatile and easy to assemble, the roof rack can be used for both interior and exterior roofing.

The roof rack is available in three sizes.

Its recommended size is 18-feet by 18-inches and its standard size is 12-feet-by-12-inches.

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