A new roofing product that is safe for dogs

A new, safer, and cheaper roofing coating that can be used on roofing tiles, rugs, and other products is now available in Canada.

The coating is a metal sheet that can replace the usual spray coating used on existing roofing products.

The product is a patented coating made from boral wood that is used in the construction of buildings.

The manufacturer of the coating, Boral Roofing Inc., said in a news release that the coating was used on a roofing tile for the first time on Friday.

The company said it expects to produce and distribute the new product by early May.

“Our customers and industry partners expect us to continue to offer this product for years to come,” the company said in the release.

A similar product, the “boral roof,” was introduced in 2010 to replace a similar coating used in other roofing materials.

Boral said it is the only one of its types that can withstand temperatures as high as 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,500 Celsius) in the hottest summer months.

The new coating, it said, is better suited for roofing insulation that has a high density and can withstand higher temperatures.

The coatings have already proven to be a hit for roofers who want to get rid of older, worn out or broken roofing.

In addition to protecting the roof, the coating also reduces the risk of fire.

“We have seen some great success in this product, particularly on new homes that have never had a fire, and we’re happy to be offering it in this season,” said Peter Breen, executive vice president of product marketing and sales for Boral.

“It is our mission to bring products like this to the roofing world.”

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