Which roof is best?

By raising the roof and adding additional roofing, an average of 4,400 square feet of space is saved in a house.

But it’s not always easy to raise a roof.

With a typical 8,000 square feet, there are only a few places where the roof could be raised, such as on the side, to add extra insulation or a deck or wall.

But that’s a minor problem if you want to maintain an extra floor space or raise the ceiling.

Another potential problem is that your roof will eventually need to be raised above your garage or shed, so you may need to add more floor space.

To make sure your roof is raised above the garage, you’ll want to check the height of the garage and your roof.

The taller your roof, the lower the garage should be.

A good rule of thumb is to be sure your garage is level with the garage.

For example, if the garage is 3 feet higher than the ceiling, the garage floor should be about 2 feet below the garage ceiling.

If the garage wall is at least 4 feet above the ceiling and you want your roof to be level with your garage, your roof should be at least 10 feet above your attic.

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