How to Save Your Home in a Flood

In the U.S., a major flood is one in which a river floods an entire city.

In the case of the Mississippi, this occurred in the early part of 1900, causing nearly 10,000 homes to be destroyed.

For the next several decades, a series of major hurricanes ravaged parts of the U, resulting in flooding in cities like New Orleans and Birmingham, Alabama.

However, the storm that devastated New Orleans in January 2017 did not cause the flood that devastated many coastal communities across the country, as did Hurricane Maria in October 2017.

The Mississippi River flood caused a total loss of nearly $2 billion in property damage in the U-S., according to a 2016 study.

This is the first time in history that a major hurricane caused a major loss of property, but it is not the first major storm to cause a major storm-related flood.

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