How to store your car roof when it’s not in use

When your car’s roof is out of use, you might be tempted to store it in your garage or a shed for later use.

That’s great if you want to store the roof at a lower temperature, or to keep it cool during a storm.

But if you’re in a hurricane-prone area, your roof might not be a good idea.

If your car is out in the storm, you’ll need to put it out to dry and wait to put the roof back in.

A storm drain system is probably the most efficient way to store a roof, according to a study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

But it’s the most expensive option.

And if you have to put your roof back into the garage, you may not have the money to replace it when it needs to be replaced.

What’s the best way to keep a roof from becoming a liability?

To keep the roof out of your garage, put it in a plastic bag, put a small amount of tape over it and seal it with a sealer.

Don’t use a drywall-style roof cover, which would be a huge cost.

And don’t put it back into your garage when the garage door is closed.

If you have a large garage, like a basement or the garage’s entryway, consider using a door-to-door salesman or contractor to help you sell your roof.

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