When Cedar Shake Roof Came Alive: A Year in the Making

Cedar Shake, a new, eco-friendly roofing system designed for the homeless, has a brand new homecoming.

The company, which has received some media attention for its new roofing, has raised $1 million in seed funding.

Cedar Shake is the brainchild of co-founders Matthew Zandt and Mike D’Amato, both of whom were homeless in New York.

Cedar shake is an eco-design system that blends the principles of roofing and technology to provide shelter for people in need.

Zandts father died from pneumonia in 2017.

In addition to the new roof, the two are creating a new video series called “A New Generation of Homes.”

“It’s a new wave of building technology and design, and we’re very excited about it,” D’Ammato said.

Cedar shaking is a new generation of roof systems that are more sustainable than traditional roofing.

Zands father had an asthma attack in his 40s, and Cedar Shake helped his son live a more normal life.

It was also his father’s first roofing job.

“He was very supportive of my father, and he was very proud of me,” Zands mother, Laura, said.

“The kids were a little jealous of him.”

Cedar Shake roofs can be installed by anyone who has access to a roof, and are available in several sizes, including 12 inches, 12.5 inches, and 16 inches.

It’s not the first time Zandstom and D’ Amato have been able to raise funding for the roofing company.

They partnered with the City of Chicago to design the new City Green Roofs.

The program is one of many designed by Cedar Shake that have helped cities in need of new roof designs, said Zandtrams executive director of business development, Jason Molloy.

The team is also working with other companies that are creating new eco-inspired roofing systems.

“We’re trying to create the next generation of sustainable roofing for the city,” he said.

The goal is to build out Cedar Shake’s roofing technology to make it available to anyone, he said, adding that the company hopes to eventually bring its roofing to a variety of cities.

Cedar shakes innovative technology was originally designed for people who need a roof to shelter from the elements.

It is designed to be lightweight, easy to install, and can be retrofitted to existing buildings.

Zanders father was able to use the roof system on his apartment complex when Cedar Shake was still in development.

“It really saved the building and it really saved him money,” Dannats mother said.

Zanda is working to expand the Cedar Shake network, including a new program that allows anyone to order a roof.

“If we could have gotten it to him, we would have had to build a whole new roof,” Zanda said.

Dannatas father, who has been living on the streets for about a year, is a licensed practical nurse, so he has the knowledge to help other people in crisis.

“There’s nothing better than being able to do something good for someone,” Diamats father said.

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