When roof tiles fall in love with you

A tile that washes over your roof may just save you some cash, as a new study suggests.

Researchers at the University of New Mexico and the University at Buffalo used an in-home carpet-cleaning robot to clean the carpet of an office.

The carpet was then used to replace the tiles.

The tiles did a good job, saving money and time, the researchers found.

However, a more traditional carpet-removal service might be more cost-effective.

The researchers’ carpet cleaning robot was programmed to remove and replace tiles on a budget of about $100, which works out to $30.

They also found that a new floor tile can be installed at about $200.

That’s about half the cost of a traditional carpet service.

“We think it’s a very cost-efficient and efficient way to get rid of tiles,” said Mark Rauch, an associate professor of mechanical engineering and director of the university’s Laboratory of Energy and Environmental Systems.

The study was published in the Journal of Cleaner Production and Energy Management.

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