A roof rack basket designed for use on solar roofs

A solar roof rack, which is essentially a roof rack with a solar roof attached, was unveiled in an indoor solar farm in the U.K.

This rooftop rack, made by Asphalt Shingle Roofing, can be used on solar rooftops as well as concrete, and is available in four different sizes to suit different application requirements.

The racks are designed to fit on roofs of any height, from 4 meters to about 10 meters.

The rack is designed to be mounted in the roof of a building, as well, allowing for easier access for workers and maintenance personnel.

This solar roof basket can be easily transported on the roof.

This is particularly helpful for solar farms where it is necessary to relocate workers or equipment to avoid collisions.

This rack is easy to carry in your car or truck, or is easy enough to use at home.

The Asphalt Roofing Solar Roof rack basket can also be used to mount the solar panels on roofs or other structures.

This system is more robust than a roof mounting system because the solar cells have to be stacked in rows and stacked vertically to provide adequate energy to the solar panel.

In addition, the solar rack basket requires no tools to install.

This solar roof array is also lightweight and easy to transport.

The racks, which weigh less than a pound, are designed for solar roofs of up to 2.5 meters.

They are also available in different sizes, and the rack is available with an 8.8 meter, 10 meter, and 15 meter solar panel in addition to the 5 meter solar array.

The Asphalt Solar Roof Rack basket is also available with a 30-foot-tall solar roof to give workers additional storage space and a better view.

The solar roof can be stacked with the solar arrays to provide additional energy for the solar systems.

The rack can be attached to the roof with a metal plate that is installed at the bottom of the rack, allowing the solar array to be moved by the rack as well.

The metal plate is a simple design that can be installed at any height or position and can be replaced without the need to remove or re-install the rack.

This modular system is simple to install and removes the need for tools, and allows workers to move and store their solar panels and solar rack as needed.

This rack is currently available in three sizes, which includes the 10 meter solar rack and the 15 meter and 30-meter solar racks.

The 20 meter solar racks are expected to be available in 2017, and an 80 meter solar roof is expected in 2018.

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