Trump wants $10 billion for hurricane relief, but congressional lawmakers are divided on the plan

House Republicans on Thursday blocked a Trump administration request for $10.4 billion in federal disaster relief for Florida, the most-populous state in the country.

The White House had sought $5 billion, and a group of Florida Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee said Thursday that the money was needed for storm recovery and recovery operations, including flood control, stormwater treatment and recovery, emergency shelter and sheltering.

The Democrats also said that $5.4bn was needed to provide a long-term plan to ensure the federal government provides adequate disaster assistance.

“While Congress is now poised to address the $10 Billion Hurricane Relief Request for Florida’s residents, we remain steadfast in our position that Hurricane Irma is a disaster for Florida,” said Rep. Carlos Curbelo, D-Fla.

“The president and the Republican leadership should do everything possible to make sure that Floridians and Floridaans recover and rebuild in the wake of this devastating hurricane.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., also spoke out Thursday in support of the president, but said it was not time to pass a disaster relief bill.

“We’re in this to make a difference, and we’re going to make that difference,” Ryan said.

“But there is a point where you say, ‘Well, you know what?

This is not a disaster.

We’ve got a long way to go.'”

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