Tesla announces plans for new rooftop solar panels

Tesla has announced plans to build a new rooftop farm, with the first of its solar farms in the country.

The company said it has hired the Arizona-based solar company, Terra Nova, to build the project.

Terra Nova said in a news release that the new farm will be located on a 60-acre site in Arizona, near the Arizona border.

The solar farm will employ 30 workers and use approximately 10,000 kilowatts of solar power.

Tesla said it plans to sell the solar panels on the farm to the U.S. Department of Energy, which owns the energy in the U: $40,000 per watt for the farm and $50,000 for the roof.

Tesla also said it will make a solar array on the roof accessible to the public.

The farm will generate about 25 percent of the electricity used on the solar farm, which is expected to provide approximately 1,400 jobs, the company said.

The announcement comes as the U., the U-S.

and other countries look to expand their renewable energy industries.

Last year, Tesla announced plans for a solar farm in California.

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