Why we love ice dams and roofs

Rooftop roofs are getting a lot of attention in the construction industry, and we’re seeing some amazing work.

As a matter of fact, our friend David Zorba and his company, The Zorbas, are doing some impressive work on roofs that will eventually make them obsolete.

The Zora roof is a simple piece of construction that takes about 30 minutes to assemble, but Zorbaras work has yielded a few surprises.

We talked to Zorbaz about the roof, and how the Zora was constructed.

Rooftops are a very old building technique, so this roof was actually a design challenge that David Zoras crew tackled on a rainy day in June.

In order to build the roof on top of the roof deck, they built a large wooden platform out of a piece of wood, which they attached to the deck.

It took about 15 minutes, and they had to carefully remove a bit of the deck and reattach the deck to the platform.

When finished, they used some glue and nails to attach the roof.

This project was a collaboration between Zoras and Zorbara Architects, a firm based in New York.

David Zora has worked on many projects over the years, and has been an architect for more than 40 years.

Zoras design for the roof was based on the concept of an open roof, where the roof is just above the ground level.

Zora says, “I don’t think we have a roof in the United States that is this open.”

This design allows people to get a better view of the skyline, and allows them to see the city in a new way.

Zora Architects designed the roof by utilizing an array of materials that include, a piece from a tree trunk, a scrap of sheet metal, and a piece that is a combination of plywood and metal.

The roof was made of about 60 percent plywood, 40 percent steel, and 20 percent polyester.

The materials are so versatile that the roof can be painted or covered in various materials, such as a dark green or a dark red.

The Zora design uses some of the same methods as other roofs.

The structure is constructed using a single sheet of ply, and the roof piece is attached with two bolts, with one of the bolts securing the roof to the other.

In this case, Zora’s team used a pair of 1/4″ plywood screws to attach to the roof and the two bolts were then welded onto the plywood.

Zorbachs roof is designed for people who like to stand up and watch the skyline.

So I started looking at the roof before we even started. “

I really started researching the roof because I like to take pictures of the buildings around me.

So I started looking at the roof before we even started.

So the whole time I was building it, I was reading and researching how people build roofs.”

David Zoras team also included materials that could be easily found in the home industry, such an old window pane and a large piece of ply from an old wall.

This is a nice touch.

It adds a nice dimension to the whole roof.

David also added a decorative element to the facade by using an old metal plate from a metal workbench.

“I love old pieces.

I also love to put on old pictures of buildings.

I love building buildings in the future and I love putting on old photos of people that I love, so it was really a big part of my process.”

Zorbaros roof is only one of several roofs that he’s done for clients.

Zorcas works with companies that want to build taller buildings, and he has built some very impressive structures for the U.S. Army.

Zorbas works for companies like the Army and the Department of Homeland Security, so he’s always thinking about the needs of his clients.

For example, the Army has asked him to make a roof that can accommodate a large fire hydrant.

The hydrant has a large water tank that can hold about two liters.

It’s very small, so the hydrant doesn’t have to be placed inside a small space, which could cause problems if it gets damaged.

Zoranbaras team used the same approach as Zora Architects, building the roof with a piece made from plywood covered with black paint and metal screws.

It also used a large wood plank to attach two bolts to the top.

The team used some 3/4-inch plywood for the base of the top piece and a 1/2-inch piece to attach a second bolt to the base.

The top piece was then attached with 2″ of 2″ x 1″ ply and 3/8-inch screws.

The entire roof is made from 2″ thick wood, but there are also several pieces of wood that have been attached to each side of the entire roof piece.

These pieces are used to

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