‘This is the new standard for how I work’: Ex-employee of contractor on new Slate roof says she’s not happy

Slate is in the midst of a renovation project that has seen its roof tiles replaced with new tiles.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, a former employee at the company said she wasn’t pleased with the installation.

The new tiles are supposed to look like the old tiles, but they are not the old ones.

They’re a different shade of gray,” said the former employee.

She said she has been asked by the contractor to make changes to the tiles, and she didn’t like the way the tiles look.”

I am very disappointed with this, and I am going to continue to complain,” she wrote.”

They look like they’ve been sitting on the floor.”””

I’ve been a Slate employee for seven years and this is the first time that I’ve ever seen them this ugly.

They look like they’ve been sitting on the floor.””

It’s just a mess,” she added.

“It’s like they took the tiles off the floor and they put them on again.

I’m not going to be happy about this.”

The Slate roofing contractor who is responsible for the tiles in question was not immediately available for comment.

The company said the work is being done at the request of a subcontractor.

Slate is known for its tile-covered walls.

The new tiles were made in-house by a subcontractors.

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