The roof vent was found inside the roof of a home in the city of Detroit.

It was located behind the home’s roof, a large area that can be used for a garage or a shed.

The house, a single family home, is being investigated by the Detroit Police Department.

It was discovered on Wednesday after a neighbor called the police.

The neighbor told police that a large amount of smoke was coming from the house and that it looked like it had been ventilated.

Neighbors told police the house was vacant and they saw a man outside in the yard smoking a cigarette.

When police arrived at the home, the man refused to leave the home.

He told police he was a roofer, and that he was just venturing inside the house to see what was happening.

When police arrived, the house’s interior was covered in dust.

The man who lived there was sitting on the porch with a cigarette in his hand, and he smelled bad, police said.

He was taken into custody and charged with first-degree arson, second-degree criminal mischief and criminal trespass.

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