4Runner’s new $2,100 roof rake will save you $600-800 per year

4Runner has announced it will offer customers $2 a month for the first three years of a roof rake.

The $2 price tag is similar to other premium roof products on the market and comes with a three-year warranty.

The company says it has a large number of customers who have purchased it, but it doesn’t say how many customers.

4Runner will sell the roof rake for $2 per month to customers in the U.S. and Canada, with the rest of the world to follow in the future.

Customers can still buy a second rake for about $1 per month.

The rake is made from a material called polyurethane, which is also used in roof tiles.

It can be purchased for around $5 on Amazon.

The new roof rake is a cheaper alternative to the cheaper $2 rake that is offered by other roofing suppliers, but a larger customer base means it can cost less to install than a new one.

The new roofing rake is about $20 to install.

4runners pricing structure has a significant impact on the number of roofers who will be able to purchase the product.

A 4Runner customer can order one of these for $50.

This is a significantly cheaper price than the $1.95 rake available from other roof supply companies.

It also means 4runners customer base can grow, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

4runner’s customers are already used to the $2 cost and don’t seem to mind the $200 price tag.

The more customers who are interested in the new roof, the more it can save customers.

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