Trump’s “big” tax cut: It’s not enough for Americans to hear from President Trump

The new tax cut offered by President Trump will only serve to further divide our nation and make America less safe, it seems.

A new poll released by the National Journal found that Americans are more likely to believe that President Trump’s plan to tax the rich at higher rates than his proposal to raise taxes on the middle class is a fair and reasonable approach to solving our nation’s economic challenges. 

Pollster Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight said the tax plan offers “only the second time in history that a president has reduced the top tax rate by more than half.” 

The tax cuts offered by the Trump administration will cost more than $1 trillion over the next decade, Silver said. 

Americans who live in the “high-tax” states will see their taxes rise by more, Silver reported. 

If the Trump tax plan passes, the top rate will increase by just one percentage point to 39.6%. 

The National Journal poll asked Americans about the “most important economic issue facing the United States today.”

It found that, according to a majority of Americans, the economy is “in a bad state.” 

More than three in four Americans (72%) believe the economy in the United Sates is “very or somewhat in a bad place.”

Only 16% said it is “not in a good place.”

The poll found that 70% of Americans believe that “people with higher incomes should pay more in taxes.”

The same percentage (70%) said they want to raise the top income tax rate to 35%. 

Overall, only 36% of American Americans believe the country’s tax system is fair and impartial. 

In fact, only 38% said that “the system is fairly or unfairly fair,” and 46% said they don’t think the tax system “is fair or fairly fair.” 

Only 18% of people who responded to the poll said the government is doing a “good job” of collecting revenue.

Only 23% of respondents said they are “satisfied” with the way the government handles tax returns, according the poll.

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