Brisbane house owner’s home ‘destroyed by storm’

Brisbane house owners have been left scrambling to rebuild their homes after a storm caused damage to a home they owned in their suburb.

Key points:Residents in Stirling Park have been told to be prepared for more rain in the future as the city heads into a heatwaveThe damage was caused by a tornado that hit the north-east Queensland city on Thursday, causing damage to the roofThe Brisbane City Council has said residents in the area will be allowed to return home for the rest of the weekThe council has been warning residents of the possibility of further rain in coming days, with some residents telling the ABC they were told to prepare for a potential “further” heatwave in coming weeks.

In a message to residents on Thursday afternoon, the council said residents were advised to be “prepared for more weather”.

“The council is monitoring the weather and the potential impacts to Brisbane as a whole in the coming weeks,” it said.

“The Brisbane city government has set up a weather station and will provide updates and information as they become available.”

It said residents should also be prepared to move out in the event of further damage.

The council said some residents who lived in Stirlings Park would be able to return to their homes as normal.

“Residents living in Starlings Park can return to the Stirling Gardens Estate for the week, as normal, except that residents who live in the Stirling Gardens Estate should consider making alternative arrangements, particularly if they are affected by heat,” it added.

“In the event that residents do not make alternative arrangements for their home, they should be informed of their rights to a compensation claim.”

To help reduce the potential impact of the storm, the Brisbane City Government is working closely with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) and Queensland Police Service to assist affected residents in their immediate need of assistance.

“The council was also warning of the potential for more damage in coming months, with its spokesperson saying more than 30 houses were destroyed in Strouds Park.”

Some are damaged, some are damaged quite severely. “

We have some homes that are completely destroyed.

We’re going to see some really large houses that are destroyed, as well.””

The damage is quite extensive.

We’re going to see some really large houses that are destroyed, as well.”

She said residents had been advised to consider making other arrangements if they were affected.

“We would ask residents to make alternative plans and arrangements to get to their own homes if they need to,” she added.

A number of houses were damaged in Stoulton, including one that was partially destroyed.

“At the moment, we don’t know how much damage is going to be sustained by this storm and that is why we’re asking residents to be aware of this,” she told reporters.

“There is a lot of debris in the streets, and you need to be careful around vehicles.”

Residents are also being asked to check on neighbours’ safety and well-being.

The QFES said it was providing resources to residents to ensure their safety and to provide information on their rights.

“I can confirm that we have received a number of calls from residents reporting a number the weather has affected their properties,” it told the ABC.”QFEMS and the Brisbane Fire and Rescue Service are assisting Queensland residents who are experiencing issues with the weather in Sturdons Park.

QFEMS has provided assistance with debris removal and is liaising with Queensland Police to assist with inquiries.”

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