Why are all the NFL stadiums filled with plastic roof?

The answer, as we’ve all heard it before, is that the league is building an environmentally friendly roof.

It is building a dome in Houston that will be filled with polystyrene, a plastic material that has a high melting point.

The dome is supposed to hold up to 40 percent more water than the rest of the roof, making it ideal for cooling and cooling-related tasks like heat pumps and cooling fans.

“It’s going to be a very efficient cooling system for the stadium,” NFL Vice President of Marketing Chris Knecht said.

“That’s going be really exciting for us.”

The NFL has already been using polystyramide in some of its stadiums, but it’s not clear if that will continue in Houston, and the league says it will be testing a new material, called MSP, that will have similar benefits.

The first NFL stadium, the Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium, has already used it for some of the games it has played, and in other venues.

The Falcons, who are a Super Bowl champion, are planning to use the dome for games like Super Bowl LI in New Orleans, which they won.

“The idea behind MSP is that it’s a very environmentally friendly, recyclable material that is recyclible in a way that it can be recycled and reused,” Kneachtts said.

The NFL will begin testing the new material in early 2020 and is expected to use it in a handful of stadiums.

The league has been using a similar material in the building of the Washington Redskins’ FedEx Field for a couple of years now.

“We have been using MSP for a number of years,” Knaut said.

That material was first used to fill in cracks in the roof of the stadium.

The stadium was eventually refinished and a brand new roof was installed, which is why the dome looks so much better than the one that is used in most stadiums.

“With the dome, the MSP that we’re using, the roof is made of MSP,” Kanaut said, “and it’s so lightweight, it’s just going to hold a lot more water.”

The dome will be built in an area that’s about the size of two football fields, which the NFL said will be a good compromise for the stadiums that will need to accommodate the massive crowd that will fill those fields.

“Our goal is to have a stadium that is 100 percent water- and wind-resistant, which means that we can use the same roof as the Falcons,” Knellt said.

A few other stadiums will be able to use an old dome, but Knaute said the team is looking at whether or not to put new roofs in the dome as well.

The new dome will allow the NFL to continue to use existing roofs and the dome itself will be replaced with a new one, Knauten said.

While that’s a great idea, there’s one big issue with the dome that’s causing some concerns: The roofing is so thin.

The Dome will only be used for a few years, and it won’t last as long as the roofing that is already in place.

In the future, the NFL may have to use a thinner, cheaper, and even cheaper material.

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