Aluminum roofing paint that can withstand severe weather

MOUNT KUMBA, Hawaii (AP) An aluminum roofing coating is expected to be installed in the city of Mount Kumbe, Hawaii, as it seeks to protect its most vulnerable residents from the elements.

The city is spending about $300,000 to test a new roof coating that will be used in the next few years in an effort to prevent the building from collapsing due to severe weather, the Honolulu Star Advertiser reported.

The coating is being tested in conjunction with a $300 million program to create an aluminum roof that can resist high winds and high temperatures.

It was designed by University of Hawaii scientists, who have used the coating to create some of the toughest, toughest, and most durable roofing in the world.

It has been used to protect Hawaii’s major airports and buildings since the early 1990s.

“We’ve been working for a couple years on a new type of coating that we’re using in Mount Kumb,” said Mayor Mike Sirois, who is also a professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.

“I think that the new coat is really going to be more durable and more resistant to heat than anything else out there.

It’s going to have some serious performance advantages over anything that we have right now.”

Sirois says the new coating is the first to be tested on a building that was built more than 50 years ago.

The city is the only city in the U.S. that has a fully enclosed building built before World War II.

The new coating will be applied on the roof of a new structure called the Mount Kumba Convention Center.

It’s not the first time aluminum roof coating has been tested in Hawaii.

In 2013, a new coat of the coating was used on the exterior of the old Mt.

Erebus Hotel.

In 2015, the city installed the first roof coating in the Honolulu Convention Center, a $400 million building that sits in the center of downtown Honolulu.

The coat has a resistance to high winds of up to about 1,000 pounds per square inch, the paper reported.

A few inches of rain can damage the coating, which was designed to resist high temperatures of up as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The coat can withstand extreme heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the newspaper said.

Siroes said the coating should be available to the public in mid-April, but he declined to give a timeline.

Siroias says the coating has a much more durable than typical roofing material.

The paper reported that it was tested in a warehouse where the coating had a resistance of 0.5 milligrams per square meter of water per hour.

Mount Kumbe is about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Honolulu.

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