City council approves $2.2 million for rooftop roofing

The city council has approved a $2 million grant to help pay for roofing on Toronto’s waterfront.

The project, which will be funded by a $50,000 levy on property owners, will be in the works for about a year, and the city has been considering funding it for several years.

The council voted 3-2 on Monday night to approve the project.

The plan calls for a total of five roofing modules, each about 30 square metres, to be installed on a total area of about 250 square metres.

Each module will cost $200,000 to $300,000, with the first module costing $100,000 and the second module, $125,000.

The city’s $50-million levy will be phased out in 2019.

A previous bid for the project from the city’s own city council failed in 2016.

The City of Toronto said in an email to The Globe and Mail that it will consult with the community to determine how best to finance the project in a timely fashion.

The decision comes after several city councillors raised concerns about the project last year.

A Toronto Sun investigation found that, in response to the public’s concern, the city proposed a number of incentives that did not address concerns raised by residents.

The first incentive, which would have cost $50 million to $100 million, was proposed in 2016 and was never implemented.

The other incentives included: $100-million for improvements to water-level forecasts to be completed by the end of 2019; $50.3-million to help cover water damage in the waterfront; and $50-$100-per-year increases in the property taxes.

In 2017, the province proposed an additional $1-million incentive, this time to be funded through the levy, but the city opted to accept it instead.

“It was an incentive that was put forward to the city, and was not included in the city budget, but it was part of the overall plan,” said Mayor John Tory.

“We were trying to be as transparent as possible.

I would hope that this will be the same.”

The project will be overseen by a city-appointed planning committee.

The committee will also have oversight over the design of the project, including its size and location.

City Council is scheduled to consider the grant in November.

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