Metal roof installation, $300,000 in damages, on the way to a $300K award

ESPN.comThe metal roofing system that covered the ceiling of the home in the picturesque village of Chatsworth, California, was covered in more than $300 million worth of damage, a judge ruled Friday.

In the weeks before the roof was removed, it became a “troubling and dangerous situation,” the San Francisco Superior Court judge, James T. Chiu, wrote in a 30-page decision.

The roof, which was installed in 2004, had been exposed to the elements and caused more than 300,000 square feet of damage to the property.

It cost the home’s owner more than a billion dollars to replace it, Chiu wrote.

The verdict by Judge Chiu comes as the city continues to battle a massive wildfire that destroyed hundreds of homes and damaged about 30,000 structures.

A jury awarded the homeowners in the case $300.4 million.

The case was brought by the homeowners and their lawyer, Steve Dolan.

They sued the city and a group of construction workers for $1.2 billion in unpaid damages, plus a $25,000 judgment that could go to the homeowners’ attorney.

A judge denied a defense motion to dismiss the case in November.

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