‘We’ve never had this much snow’: Experts predict more snow in Canada ahead of major winter storms

A pair of snowstorms in northern Canada and northeastern U.S. will hit the western United States later this week, with some predicting more snowfall as the weather warms.

The National Weather Service in Montana has issued a snow warning for parts of Montana and Montana on Friday and Saturday and warned of potentially hazardous conditions.

A storm warning is issued when a severe weather system or weather system associated with severe thunderstorms is expected to move within the same county or area, the weather service said.

The agency has issued two snow advisories for the entire western U.s. and Montana, which has a population of about 6 million.

Snow and wind warnings were issued for parts and communities in the northwest U.c.s., according to the weather bureau.

Snow totals in parts of eastern Montana are expected to be up to 5 inches.

The snow warning is being issued as much of the country braces for potentially dangerous conditions from severe weather in the western U., the weather office said.

It is a bit warmer in some areas, and some areas in the U.v.n.y.s will be in the 60s.

It’s not as cold as it’s been in recent months.

In Montana, the snow warning was issued for the upper northern portion of the state from the mountains and through to the lower northern portions of the lower plains, and for portions of southern and central Montana.

The weather service says the forecast for Saturday and Sunday is expected as much as 4 inches of snow in some parts of the area.

“We have a couple of snow storms this week,” said Greg Moulton, the meteorologist with the weather center.

“They are fairly mild, they’re not like the type of storms we’ve had before this winter, so they’re a bit more manageable.”

A severe thunderstorm watch was issued in western Montana on Wednesday for the area south of the Columbia River.

Weather service meteorologist Greg Mignot said Thursday that the storm is expected around 4 inches.

Snow accumulations in parts will be up into the low 40s.

“It’s going to be the same conditions we’ve been seeing in the last couple of weeks,” Mignott said.

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