New Australian plastics roof panels costing $20 million

A major new plastics roof panel manufacturer is seeking approval from the Federal Government to sell its products in Australia.

The company, which has an office in Canberra, says it is confident it will be able to sell the panels on the Australian market and has secured approval from Health, Education and Employment Minister Brendan O’Connor.

The Federal Government has committed to setting up a National Institute of Standards and Technology-led panel to design, manufacture and supply new plastic roofing materials.

The new panels are expected to be manufactured at a plant in Queensland.

Mr O’Donnell said the government was keen to ensure that Australians were able to benefit from the panel’s technological advancements.

“We’re looking to build a range of products which are very environmentally friendly, which can be recycled, and also provide a good product for the communities of our states and territories,” he said.

“These panels will be made in Australia and the technology will be exported.”

The panel will also help build a national network of local manufacturing facilities, he said, adding that the company had received a “very positive response” from the Australian industry.

“The Government is committed to developing an innovative, innovative technology for building new building materials in Australia,” Mr O’Donnell said.

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