Red roof inn: ‘I’m just happy to be here’

Red Roof Inn is a small, quirky hotel in the UK, located in central London.

Its been around since 2008 and has an unassuming, yet elegant, design.

It has its own bar, restaurant and spa, and is one of the first hotels in the city to feature a green roof, making it ideal for summer, when the sun shines on the windows.

The hotel has become popular with tourists and locals alike, and it hosts a range of events for locals and tourists alike, from weddings and family reunions to weddings and business meetings.

Here’s how it works: Rooms at the Red Roof inn have no amenities, but they’re still good value for money.

They range from £5-£15 a night.

The rooms are also shared with the nearby hotel, and there are no other rooms available in the hotel’s pool.

It’s a very nice place to stay, and one of our favourite hotels in London.

Red Roof has become a go-to for locals, tourists and travellers alike.

Read more about Red Roof in the infographic below.

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