Galvalume Roof Rack, Aluminum Roof Available for Sale in New York

The company that owns the Alvalume brand says its new aluminum roof rack is the company’s “most innovative” product in the market.

The Alvalumade roof rack has a capacity of 4,200 square feet and is available in both aluminum and steel and will sell for $6,995.

“It has the best features in the industry for a roof rack,” Alvalmead said.

We are excited to offer our customers a truly innovative roof rack that combines the best of both worlds, from its lightweight design, to its durability, to the ability to install multiple layers of aluminum roofing, Alvalome said in a statement.

Alvalumad is also working on a new aluminum top that it says will also be available soon.

The company says the new aluminum rack will be the company “most successful product in Alvalumes history.”

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