What you need to know about the roof rack for 2018 Toyota RAV4

The 2018 Toyota Rav4 RAV 4 will debut in the United States and Canada in November.

It will arrive in the US first, and will likely follow the same rollout path as the RAV-L hatchback.

However, the new roof rack is actually a bit different from the hatchback roof rack.

This new roof accessory comes with a new, redesigned latch system that locks into place and protects the roof from the elements.

There are two different models of the new latch system, one with a metal mesh-like lid, and the other a solid steel mesh-type lid.

The mesh-lid version locks into the existing roof rack and has a smaller, slimmer shape than the mesh-metal model.

It also comes with two extra mounting points, one at the top of the roof and one on the underside of the rear of the rack.

The new latch latch system uses a combination of a magnetic latch, which is used to secure the roof in place, and a metal lock, which locks into position on the rear.

The latch mechanism is also much sleeker, with a rounded surface, compared to the mesh lid model.

The door is also a bit sleeker with a larger opening and a raised latch ring that slides out to expose the hinge mechanism.

The interior of the hatch is also sleeker and more comfortable.

The rear hatch is now lined with a thicker mesh, with the hinge ring and latch mechanism in place.

The RAV hatch has a larger hatch opening than the ROV hatch, but the RNV hatch is actually slightly wider and slightly narrower than the hatch on the RV.

There’s also a larger roof rack that slides into place.

It’s also been redesigned to include two extra rear mounting points at the front of the cabin, with additional attachment points on the back.

The front hatch is a bit wider, with slightly more space between the two hatch panels, but that’s about it.

The hatch is very spacious.

The doors are slightly larger, with more room to spare.

The roof rack itself is the same size as the hatch, and it comes with all of the standard accessories, including the roof sealer and a mesh-style lid.

It has a removable hood, and comes with the standard front-facing air vents, although it’s not as good as the vent openings on the hatch.

The metal latch also slides into the hatch hatch, making it a little more secure.

The vents on the roof are now wider, and there’s a raised mesh ring that sits over the latch mechanism.

However the hatch also has an optional roof seal, which you can attach to the underside, or the rear, depending on what hatch you choose.

You can also use a rubber sealant to seal in excess moisture on the inside of the vehicle.

We like that the RIV hatch has an additional vent for a better fit.

The top of this hatch is slightly more elevated than the rear hatch, as opposed to the hatch for the RUV.

You have the option to remove this roof seal to add a more level roof, but you have to make sure the roof is in place and not falling off.

The bottom of this roof rack has an extra piece of metal, to add more stability and keep the roof securely in place on the floor.

The sides of the RVA hatch are slightly more rectangular than the lower RAV, and they have an additional hinge ring to allow it to slide in and out.

It feels like a little bit of a different layout for the hatch compared to that of the other hatchbacks.

The exterior of the front hatch has been redesigned for 2018.

There is a new door that opens to the driver’s side of the car, which also features a new air intake, and an additional hatch opening to provide a larger vent.

The lower side of this door also features an additional rear hatch opening.

The driver’s and passenger side of these doors have been redesigned, as well.

The passenger side has a lower opening to the passenger side, and has two more openings for extra air flow to the door.

The windshield on the driver side of both the passenger and driver doors has also been updated to be more flush.

You’ll also find a new headlight assembly, which allows the rear taillight to be located more easily.

The hood is a little different than the previous RAVs, and we like that it’s also got a larger lip.

This is a good feature for people with large heads.

The taillights are now mounted to the front in the rear passenger compartment.

There have also been changes to the rear doors, as they now have an automatic opening mechanism.

A small hole has been made in the door frame to allow you to pull the doors open.

This can be done manually from the driver seat, or by activating the doors by pulling the latch on the door itself. The other

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