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Trump wants $10 billion for hurricane relief, but congressional lawmakers are divided on the plan

House Republicans on Thursday blocked a Trump administration request for $10.4 billion in federal disaster relief for Florida, the most-populous state in the country.The White House had sought $5 billion, and a group of Florida Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee said Thursday that the money was needed for storm recovery and recovery operations, […]

‘This is the new standard for how I work’: Ex-employee of contractor on new Slate roof says she’s not happy

Slate is in the midst of a renovation project that has seen its roof tiles replaced with new tiles.In a Facebook post Tuesday, a former employee at the company said she wasn’t pleased with the installation.The new tiles are supposed to look like the old tiles, but they are not the old ones.They’re a different […]

How to Corrugate Your Roofing Panel

The corrugated steel roofing tiles are now one of the most popular options for roofing and are being used more and more.They are also a very popular choice for roof tiles that have been fitted with the high-tech, super-thin plastic panels.Corrugated tiles are made up of a series of layers that are welded together.These tiles […]

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