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ABC News’ ABC News Special Report: The Gobi Roof Rack is the Most Expensive Roof Rack in the World

The ABC News special report “The Gobi” will air on Wednesday, January 6, at 10:00 a.m.EST.The report focuses on the growing global demand for roofing supplies and features the story of a Gobi roofrack company that is now competing for a billion dollars in government contracts to supply roofing suppliers with roof racks.In the past […]

Roof Pitch Calculator – Gobi roof racks – GoBI roof coatings

Gobi is the leading supplier of roof coat and roofing products in Ireland.Its products are used in all aspects of the residential roofing industry.This is reflected in the wide range of roofing coatings available in Gobi products.The product portfolio also includes coatings for roofing, concrete, laminate, glass and metal roofs.Gobi’s roof coat products are available […]

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