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Aluminum roofing in Mexico gets the attention it deserves

By AP StaffPublished June 02, 2018 06:12:33More than two dozen countries around the world have approved aluminum roofings to replace concrete or steel roofing.The material is commonly used in cars, homes, and commercial buildings, but it is also used in many other industries and in buildings as well.A new study published in the journal Environment […]

“You’ll Never Need to Go to the Roof” – The Rooftop – By Metal Roof

The ROOFTOP, the “metal roofing material” that has long been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts and the “thing” to put down your outdoor deck on, is getting a new life.The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) says that the material is now on its way to the U.S. It’s been found in a wide […]

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