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How to make a great roof

By Dan PeeplesThe sun’s coming up.And that means you should start planning for the inevitable: a new roof.It’s not just about getting your house up and running again, though.To get the most out of your roof, you need to take care of it well.And to do that, you should look for a new design.Here’s a […]

Which roofing materials are safe to put in your attic?

On the surface, most roofing products are safe for use on roofs.But the materials used in your home can also have serious consequences, particularly when you’re dealing with a roofing defect.That’s why it’s important to know the difference between “safe” and “unsafe.”For example, if you have a wood or concrete floor, you should keep your […]

‘This is the new standard for how I work’: Ex-employee of contractor on new Slate roof says she’s not happy

Slate is in the midst of a renovation project that has seen its roof tiles replaced with new tiles.In a Facebook post Tuesday, a former employee at the company said she wasn’t pleased with the installation.The new tiles are supposed to look like the old tiles, but they are not the old ones.They’re a different […]

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