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ABC News’ ABC News Special Report: The Gobi Roof Rack is the Most Expensive Roof Rack in the World

The ABC News special report “The Gobi” will air on Wednesday, January 6, at 10:00 a.m.EST.The report focuses on the growing global demand for roofing supplies and features the story of a Gobi roofrack company that is now competing for a billion dollars in government contracts to supply roofing suppliers with roof racks.In the past […]

Fox Sports: ‘Roof Roof’ to be used as ‘temporary shelter’ in Arizona

A roof is being constructed in Arizona to provide temporary shelter for displaced residents after a storm ripped through the state.The Arizona Corporation Commission approved the $3 million project in January after more than a year of hearings and hearings in the state, according to the Arizona Republic.It was first proposed by Arizona’s Department of […]

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