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Which parts of Australia are most likely to need a new roof?

The best part about Australia’s new roofing system is its simplicity.It doesn’t require any special expertise to get the job done.It’s simple to install and you can order one online.It only costs $50.That’s a savings of $30 to $40 over the standard Australian roofing standard.This is good news for consumers, who are expected to pay […]

What do you think about the Globe and Mail’s decision to discontinue their roofing supply chain?

Posted November 14, 2018 09:16:00As we all know, the roofing industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada and we are seeing new growth driven by a growing demand for more innovative products and technologies.At The Globe and Daily, we have a long history of building and manufacturing innovative products for our customers […]

Israel to allow roofing supplies store to reopen

Israel will allow roof supply store Elie Saadia to reopen to stock roofing and other materials, the Interior Ministry announced Friday.The ministry said the department would give the new store, located in the southern West Bank town of Beit Hanoun, a green light and permit to operate. Elie Saadiya opened in February, but had been shuttered […]

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