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What to know about the Blue Roof Repair, Repair and Maintenance (BORM) program

In 2014, BORM began accepting applications for new roof repairs and roof maintenance services.The goal is to create a roof that is more durable, and provides better insulation to keep it in good repair.BORMs will cover the cost of a roof repair, which is currently around $500.Borm is a government-sponsored program. In a recent video posted […]

How to Get the Best Roof Sealant

Roof shingle coatings have been around for years, but they are now becoming popular because they are cheaper than other coatings and offer protection against moisture and pests.The new material, which is a blend of copper and zinc, has been gaining popularity due to its resistance to damage from moisture.The coatings are made by a […]

RTE – ‘Rural Ireland’ is now in a recession after two years in recession

RTE has published its Rural Ireland forecast, as part of a series of updates and commentary highlighting the challenges facing the country and highlighting how the Government has made significant progress towards addressing them.The series includes the latest developments, analysis and projections from across RTE and RTE News.The series is produced by RTE Rural Ireland […]

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