‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star Corey Haim ‘not in a relationship’ with wife as reported by TMZ

It’s true.Corey Haehn is not in a romantic relationship with his wife.In an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Haim said he’s never been romantically involved with his ex-wife, Yvonne Kim.But Haim added, “It’s not an issue.She has her own issues.”The actress also said she has not had any sexual encounters with Kim.“There’s nothing between […]

Why Corrugated Roofs Are Good for the Roof Pitch

The roof panel framing you can buy for a house is the most important part of a home’s roof.The framing, also called the corrugated steel, is the foundation for the structure of the roof.In most homes, it is a material used for supporting the roof and for supporting beams that make up the foundation.Corrugation is […]

Metal roof installation, $300,000 in damages, on the way to a $300K award

ESPN.comThe metal roofing system that covered the ceiling of the home in the picturesque village of Chatsworth, California, was covered in more than $300 million worth of damage, a judge ruled Friday.In the weeks before the roof was removed, it became a “troubling and dangerous situation,” the San Francisco Superior Court judge, James T. Chiu, […]

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