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‘Frightening’ ‘truly terrifying’ for man trapped inside corrugator roof

A man who was trapped inside a corrugators roof for five hours in Utah was “really scary” and “truly scary,” according to his family.The man, who is from Pennsylvania, had to have his chest strapped down as he waited for rescuers to arrive at the Corrugator Roofing Co. at the Utah State Fairgrounds in Fairview.The […]

‘This is the new standard for how I work’: Ex-employee of contractor on new Slate roof says she’s not happy

Slate is in the midst of a renovation project that has seen its roof tiles replaced with new tiles.In a Facebook post Tuesday, a former employee at the company said she wasn’t pleased with the installation.The new tiles are supposed to look like the old tiles, but they are not the old ones.They’re a different […]

How to Corrugate Your Roofing Panel

The corrugated steel roofing tiles are now one of the most popular options for roofing and are being used more and more.They are also a very popular choice for roof tiles that have been fitted with the high-tech, super-thin plastic panels.Corrugated tiles are made up of a series of layers that are welded together.These tiles […]

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